Graphy | Young, Broke But Not So Dumb by Khushboo Changlani
Normal girl with a dream of walking Milan Fashion Week in an oversized hoodie!
Young, Broke But Not So Dumb
Khushboo Changlani, a Poet on some days and a Poem on others. She has a variety of personalities which include winning Nationals on one day and cuddling puppies on the other. Camera is her best friend both behind and in front of the lense. A normal girl who is trying to survive in this tough world with an extremely bad sense of humour. Always in if there is a book and a cup of Ginger Tea. Super excited to take you on this roller-coaster-like journey of her life,the challenges that she faced when she decided to switch towns at seventeen and the hacks that helped her survive. Come join her on this journey where she shares hack on how to save money when in a new town, making the best out of little, dealing with hostel fights, avoiding getting caught while doing a mischievous prank, avoiding heartbreaks, making a comeback, getting internships and most importantly how to have fun. So buckle up, it's gonna be one hell of a ride!
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