Graphy | Yoga Beyond the Body by Avni Talsania
Avni Talsania is currently undergoing a Masters of Science in Yoga, with an in-depth study of the Yoga Sutras,yoga therapy for diseases, Sanskrit texts, advanced techniques and is also a certified Brain Gym Instructor. Growing up in the U.S, Avni started as an achiever in football and track & field - the highest-performing female athlete on her college team. But she had a deep spiritual calling which she followed and moved to India where she learned yoga from the world capitals of yoga, Mysore and Rishikesh (500-hour E-YT Yoga Alliance International) as well as Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram in Dharampur. She has now found immense satisfaction in aligning her personal passion with her life purpose of spiritual evolution thanks to the blessings of her Guru. She is a versatile and wholehearted yoga teacher that will make you fall in love with your journey to the Self.
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Yoga Beyond the Body
Welcome to this Yoga Retreat right in the comfort of your home! Are you interested to uncover the deeper secrets of yoga and how you can imbibe it into your everyday life? I have curated everything you must know as beginners in this crash course. Not only will we practice yogasana, breathwork, and meditation but also learn about the philosophy, science, therapy, and spirituality of how it all works. Broken down in simple language without the jargon,get ready to add this special toolbox to your belt and cultivate a profound relationship with your Self. Your Yoga will never be the same again.
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