Graphy | Yoga 101 - From Beginner To Yogi by Romi Sinah
Romi Sinah is a Registered Yoga Teacher and a Sports and Nutrition Advisor. She studied Yoga in India and Sports and Nutrition in Europe combining this in her teachings.She follows a mix of western and eastern philosophy bringing her students the best of both world. On top of that she is a Nomad and a Life Coach which makes her lessons have, not only a physical focus, but a mental one as well. Her mission is to help students discover their own mind and body in a safe and fun way.
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Yoga 101 - From Beginner To Yogi
In this Graphy, Romi shall guide you through the basics of yoga and how to take yourself from a beginner to a yogi in no time. With six years of experience, Romi shall be sharing all the inside information to help you get moving. She will touch various topics and shall help you improve your body posture while simultaneously getting rid of things like body aches, stiffness and sore muscles. You will learn the foundation of getting started, the mind,body and their connection as well as ways to improve your flexibility and gain strength. The Chapters are carefully curated to bring you slowly up the difficulty level as you gain more and more knowledge in every step you take forward. It will make you feel confident about yourself, your body and your movements. This Graphy is for all levels as it starts from more basic movements and slowly elevates its pace. It also includes a bonus set of tips from Romi that will help you assess your posture so that you become more aware of the areas on your body that need more of your love and attention. So, get your mat ready and take your first foot forward in your unique Yoga Journey.
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