Graphy | Workout Beats by Usha Rao
I am Usha, a qualified Zumba, and Bollywood, dance instructor. I also train people in various workout regimes that help them feel good and healthy.My mission is to educate and create awareness on how to integrate healthy practices into daily lifestyle.
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Workout Beats
For everyone who loves music, but not comfortable dancing, this video is for you! This Graphy will be all about bodyweight workouts that you can do anywhere and at your own pace. Once you gain confidence in the posture, and movement we time it to a song. Music drives everyone to move a certain way, and I will share workouts that you can perform to the beats of a peppy track. What's important here is not to miss a beat! This helps in improving your muscle memory,endurance and agility. Great way to burn calories as you listen to some trending music.
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