Graphy | Why You’re Wrong when you Think You’re Right by Jo Intia
Teacher Jo is a licensed preschool teacher from the Philippines. Experience-wise, she has been teaching children and parents for more than 10 years in community outreaches,Sunday schools, and more. She is very passionate in promoting the importance of early childhood development and how focusing on this life stage can drastically change, even improve, one's whole life that's why she creates content about child development knowledge for parents and teachers of young children.
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Why You’re Wrong when you Think You’re Right
Good day! Welcome to Teacher Jo's Graphy! Teacher Jo is a preschool teacher who's been teaching kids professionally for 4 years now. That’s why she wants to help anyone who is related, dealing,or even encountering children be the best they can be as they raise and teach these precious ones. In this Graphy you’ll learn the most common misconceptions we have about young children and of course Teacher Jo will be providing research and experience-based information to correct them. Because there are just some things that you thought you were doing right but you're actually doing it wrong! This is your complete guide in helping you be the greatest parent or teacher or guardian for your child. Cause they deserve and need one. By the end of this graphy, I’m sure you’ll be one of the best grown-up there is out there. Let's do this!
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