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I am originally from Mumbai, India, currently based out of London. Professionally I am an Economist and now a full-time food blogger,food photographer and recipe developer. When marriage brought me to the land of the Queen, I decided to pursue my passion for cooking – which with Mumbai’s fast paced life didn’t quite happen. I love food – eating, exploring and cooking. However, my love for Indian food is very deep. For one, I have grown up on the food. And second, given India’s diverse culture, geography and historical influences, the spectrum of flavours, colours, techniques, components and style of food is very wide! It is my passion to keep learning about these cultures and food traditions that various communities in my motherland follow. And I wish and hope to share them with you. Having said this, I also love trying my hand out at foods across the globe. So, you will find some international recipes here as well! Most of my recipes that you will find in my blog are for simple and satisfying home cooked meals – from appetisers to desserts. It is my endeavour to spread the joy of cooking to everyone, as I have realised it! After all, I believe “happy food makes happy people.”
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Turmeric & Tales: Indian Curries and their Stories
If you love Indian food and would love to also know about the stories behind it's curies - then look no further. Hi, I am Madhurima Chowdhury, an Indian food blogger, recipe developer and food photographer. Having worked on and developed more than 200 recipes, my love for Indian food is truly deep rooted. Join me on "Turmeric & Tales: Indian curries & their stories" as I take you on a delicious journey of Indian food recipes and the stories associated with them.
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