Graphy | The World’s A Stage! Beginners Guide to Becoming an Actor by Princess Donnough
My name is Princess Donnough and I am a professionally trained actress, currently working in the acting industry in the UK.Since graduating from The London College of Music, I have been working professionally as an actor for theatre and screen for 8 years. I have performed on stage at theatres such as The Tristan Bates, The Albany Theatre, and Theatre 503. I have also been in many short films and had main roles in commercials for the ‘EE mobile network’ and ‘Young’s Seafood’. Acting and performing have always been my absolute passion and I would love to create this Graphy to inspire beginners who want to become an actor and teach them the basics of acting and starting their career. I always wanted someone to give me a ‘step by step’ guide, which I never had. So why not create my own one!
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The World’s A Stage! Beginners Guide to Becoming an Actor
So you want to be an actor? Have you always wanted to perform on stage or be in front of the camera, but you’re not sure where to begin? This Graphy is designed to guide those who want to start up an acting career but are uncertain about what steps you need to take to prepare yourself to enter the industry. There are so many people across the planet that adore acting and want to make it their job, but in a place where there is so much competition,its best to get advice on how to make your dream become reality! It will begin with the basics of what tools are needed to create a career as an actor, such as; the need for good headshots and tips on how to get the right shots, getting an agent, audition techniques, and building an appealing resume. These will form the backbone of your career which will enable you to establish yourself as an actor. This Graphy will address the importance of looking after your voice and tips on different vocal warm-ups, learning how to emotionally connect with your character and tricks on how to cry effectively and believably! There will also be advice on how to learn lines, the differences in acting for stage and screen, plus much more! This Graphy aims to help you learn more about the industry whilst having fun! So let’s get you ready to step on up on that stage and perform!
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