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Hi, I'm Aquib! I love teaching technology as much as I love to code. Beware, I can Reprogram you! I run my own design and development firm,called Tabdeel Studios that I started while I was still in college. I finished my M.Tech in Software Engineering from VIT University, Vellore, India's #1 Private University (MHRD Rankings 2016). My first proper full-fledged project was the Snakes and Ladders game that I developed in class 12th using C++ as a part of the School Project and I haven't looked back since. I have designed and developed dozens of apps and websites for a lot of startups and industry professionals. I have trained over 5000 students so far in a wide variety of Design and Development tools and frameworks across multiple platforms including Udemy, MyCaptain and ChalkStreet, to name a few. Not just that, I have also conducted on-ground bootcamps in prestigious Universities including IIT Jammu, VIT Vellore, SRM Chennai and SCSVMV University, Kanchipuram. In my courses, I cover everything from the absolute basics with funny, out-of-the-world, and often silly, example projects. Take the leap of faith and #SwitchToCoding.
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The Web Development Lab
What if I tell you that you will have your first website live by the end of this Graphy?! Sounds awesome, right?! Well, that is our ultimate goal. We will work together and if you stick around till the end, you will have your WordPress Website ready, that's a promise! This Graphy is designed for someone with zero programming background. Gone are the days when you needed to be a programming guru to build an amazing website! It's 2020!We start by getting acquainted with the terms associated with development (website, front-end, back-end, domains, hosting, etc.), and then take a quick look at what WordPress is and why should we build our website with it! Once we get a hang of the basics, we take a deep dive into WordPress and build our very first custom website. We understand how the default editor works, and then move to Elementor, which is the most popular WordPress builder. And guess what, it's free! In addition to all of this, I will be sharing my experience of starting and running my own Web Development Agency, called Tabdeel Studios, and as a bonus, I'll also guide you on how to get your first freelance project and how to add a Free Chatbot on your website! Sounds exciting? Let's get right to it!
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