Graphy | The Stage is My Friend by Shreya Dhingra
Shreya Dhingra is an Image consultant, a mental wellness counsellor, a youtuber by the name of ShreyaTV and the founder of Your Image and I
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The Stage is My Friend
Do you hate being the centre of attraction? Does public speaking haunt you and makes you cringe? Does the idea of being surrounded by people send chills down your spine? Well, this Graphy is just for you. Let's win over our fears and rock the world.CHAPTER 1 FUNDAMENTALS OF SPEAKING ON STAGE CHAPTER 2 VOICE TECHNIQUES FOR A POWERFUL AND PURPOSEFUL SPEECH 2.1 Correct breathing techniques 2.2 Enhance your vocal texture 2.3 Intonation and vocal expression in speech 2.4 Moderating tempo and vocal emphasis 2.5 Volume and contrasting strategies in speech CHAPTER 3 BODY LANGUAGE TECHNIQUES FOR A DYNAMIC STAGE PRESENCE 3.1 Posturing and stage stance 3.2 Body language strategies for audience connection 3.3 Science of facial expressions 3.4 Body language red flags 3.5 Non-verbal responsive behavior CHAPTER 4 CONTENT IDEATION, CONSTRUCTION, PREPERATION AND DELIVERY 4.1 Idea generation strategies 4.2 Message construction 4.3 Content preparation techniques 4.4 Types of content delivery and the most suitable ones for you CHAPTER 5 BEHIND THE SCENES STRATEGIES OF SUCCESSFUL SPEAKERS 5.1 Audio-visual learning 5.2 Behavior modelling of key speakers 5.3 Plan out your strategy
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