Graphy | The Quiet Hustle to Being You by Ashoi Dantra
I have had my feet in the deep and shallow ends of the pool. What I learnt from it- as long as both your feet are together,you can always swim to the other side. From acting and modelling to sports to studying- all the way to representing my country, I have found who I am. I have a long way to go, but I celebrate my winning days and my losing ones, my laughter and tears, my journey and destinations, my long and on-going walk to learn and grow. Today, I celebrate myself.
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The Quiet Hustle to Being You
If someone tells you that you can not do many things at once, follow your heart and learn, walk the path- let it mold you to the person that makes you, you. Never say no to an opportunity where there is the scope of learning and growing. In this Graphy, Ashoi will tell you how she started out modeling at 3 years of age, clawing her way up and into different activities- making her space and living the dream, 17 years later!She will talk about those fleeting moments of self-doubt and inadequacy that pop up once in a while and how she overcame them. She will talk about her good days and bad days, break-through days and breakdown days, what kept her going, and how different situations helped her become the confident, intellectual, aspiring woman that she is and stands for today.
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