Graphy | The Power of Makeup: Basic Edition (Malayalam) by krishna priya
Hey beautiful! I am signing here as a grapher to indulge you into the world of makeup and fashion.I aspire to inspire you all who want to have a hang on how to excel the art of makeup and fashion in the comfort of your home. Stay home, stay stylish. I feel that this is the best period to learn about this art and i am doing it in malayalam for a better understanding for my audience.
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The Power of Makeup: Basic Edition (Malayalam)
Hey friends, I am Krishna Priya, a Chef and a passionate freelance makeup artist. Through my graphy you will be getting a wider idea about the basic concepts, techniques of makeup and how makeup can transform you through enhancing your beauty - which is the power of makeup. I have been freelancing since four years now and through this platform i want to share my knowledge to a wider audience who even have a tinge of passion towards learning makeup.I am also here to help you to shift from amateur to an expert in this art. You are simply beautiful. Let's learn together. Catch me on Graphy!
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