Graphy | The Non-Linear Method of Learning Data Science by Kunaal Naik
Kunaal loves teaching Data Science and is an avid learner. He aspires to inspire aspirants to make it into the Analytical industry.He has over 10 years of Experience in the field of Data Science across domains such as Marketing, Insurance, HR and Retail. Currently he works at Dell as an Marketing Advisor. Apart from his professional background, he has experience in teach Analytics, Machine Leaning, Excel, SAS, Python, SQL Tableau over 50 Corporates/Institutes including CITI Bank, Genpact, Fidelity, Corporate Executive Board, Madras Scho0l of Economics. Apart his professional side he is a Scuba Diver, Apprentice Philosopher and Lifeaholic Evangelist. Also, he loves creating content to teach Data Science on YouTube
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The Non-Linear Method of Learning Data Science
Do you want to learn data science? Are you tired of learning from courses that teach coding algorithms and tools in a nonlinear or a non contextual format? Unable to decide where to begin? Get answers to all the above questions by learning data science in a nonlinear method. Hey guys, my name is Kunaal Naik. I am an Analytics Practitioner, YouTuber, Lifeaholic Evangelist and I love teaching data science in a nonlinear method. In this course,you'll learn how to solve business problems using data, rather than just starting off by learning to code without context. We dive straight into business problems and solve it conceptually. We'll then use multiple methods to solve the same problem using different tools. Yes! We won't start from just basics. We will solve business cases, using tools such as Excel, SQL, Python. And present them with tools such as Tableau, Canva, or PowerPoint. These tools are enough to start your journey in Data Science.
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