Graphy | The Magic Room by Karun Krishna
The Magic Room
Karun Krishna performed his 1st magic show at the age of 3 and a half. Since then he has performed over 10000 shows all over India and abroad,ranging from birthdays, family events, receptions, to corporate shows like diners, product launches, corporate annual meets. He has been on Television, featured on advertisements, reality TV shows, entertained famous personalities, TV/Film Celebrities, eminent personalities with a variety of acts that include stage magic, parlor magic, close up magic, walk-around magic. He is also only Indian Magician after the great PC Sorcar to be invited to perform at the combined convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians in Dallas, Texas, 2011
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The Magic Room
Learn the concepts of magic, deception, and misdirection. Learn to break the ice in any kind of audience and stand out from the rest. Instantly become the center of attention and the talk of your workplace, school, or even become the life of the party. Magic helps you showcase phenomenal abilities to literally showcase the IMPOSSIBLE and make it POSSIBLE. Step into my graphy "The Magic Room" to begin your journey into the amazing world of MAGIC.
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