Graphy | The Magic Behind the Art of Cardistry by Olaf Adams
Hello everyone, my name is Olaf Adams, and i am here to teach you everything i know about the art of Cardistry!In my graphy, you will learn everything you need to know about Cardistry to start performing and even creating yourself!
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The Magic Behind the Art of Cardistry
In the first few chapters, i am going to guide you through all the basics and fundamentals in order for you to get started with performing Cardistry and i will teach you your first ever Cardistry move! In the next chapter, i will teach you more standard Cardistry moves, which you get to practice along the way. In the chapter after this, i will be mainly focussing on making you understand the different styles that can be performed,but also different styles of Cardistry in general and how you can distinguish them. In the last few chapters, i will go over the creative process of creating you first original Cardistry move. I will tell you the do's and dont's and finally how you can make sure your cardistry move is as perfect as possible.
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