Graphy | The Longest Walk in India by Shubham Dharmsktu
A Professional Traveler, Content Creator, Graphic and Systems Designer, Adventure tour organizer,and Environmentalist, whose roots are from the extreme Himalayan village in India, and is trying to save the world with his crazy ideas.
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The Longest Walk in India
This Graphy is about my solo walking expedition from The Himalayas (Kashmir) to The Indian Ocean (Kanyakumari). That's 5,000 kms which I did in 180 days through snow capped mountains, dry deserts, dense megacities, vast farmlands, humid sea villages and all other sorts of landforms in varying degrees of temperatures. This walk was to observe the diversity in every inch of India and to spread environmental awareness along the way. The following are the chapters of my Graphy: Chapter I.What The Hell Was I Thinking? Chapter II. Getting Ready and Getting Sponsored Chapter III. Part 1. Broke But Brave Chapter IV. Part 2. I got kidnapped! Chapter V. Part 3. I want to quit! Chapter VI. Part 4. Every End is a New Beginning Chapter VII. The Old School Party That Made Me Broke Again Chapter VIII. What I learned? What now? What's Next?
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