Graphy | The Local Heroes: The evolution of inspiration by Mirang Manek
The Local Heroes: The evolution of inspiration
Motivational speaker, Asian Silver Medalist in Sea Kayaking, Content Creator, Producer, Author,
The Local Heroes: The evolution of inspiration
­­My name is Mirang Manek aka the Stressed Moron, certified crazy since 2005 (my mother had me tested). Welcome The Local Heroes, a graphy based on people we see as ordinary but have spent some extraordinary moments with us. These regular folks come in and out of our lives broadening our horizons, changing the way we think and collectively making us better people. I’m not a guru or like the Kung fu Panda who has inner peace but I am enlightened.Enlightened because I have had the good fortune of meeting some incredible human beings who have collectively shaped the person that I am today. Right and wrong is subjective. I am no one to tell you the difference between right or wrong, but what I can do is help you reach the point where you learn to face your problems in a more systematic way & make the best of a bad situation.
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