Graphy | The Leadership Handbook by Shreedhar Bhatia
Shreedhar Bhatia, a young and dedicated social activist who has been working on numerous citizen relatedissues like youth empowerment. He has organized numerous youth conclaves and youth parliaments that provided the youth an opportunity to learn leadership. He is a passionate debater who speaks for issues like Jammu and Kashmir, An environmentalist who has been working with various National and International Organisations. Shreedhar also worked with Media Houses that worked to report On-Ground issues at the constituencies of Western Uttar Pradesh. Being active in the 2019 Elections, with renowned journalists, Shreedhar explored the world of media and looked at the national elections from the Media's aspects too. Shreedhar Bhatia is the Founder-President at Ideas of India Organisation that works for ensuring the role of youth for nation-building. Through which, thousands of young people get inspired for their obligation towards the motherland.  Shreedhar Bhatia was an Intern with various senior leaders. He observed the 'Dance of Democracy' closely, which is actually rare to usual young people of today. Shreedhar Bhatia has interacted with many senior leaders of the nation including, Sh. L.K. Advani, Gen. VK Singh, Kariya Munda, Sanjay Nirupam, Ram Naik, Manoj Tiwari, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, and many more.
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The Leadership Handbook
In this Graphy, I will be speaking on learning political leadership, Youth Volunteering, Attitude for Speaking confidently, Better communication skills, Improving Debating Skills, Interviewing Leaders, Making an Impact, Team building.Chapter 1 - What you have to be to become a leader? Chapter 2 - What you have to know to become a leader? Chapter 3 - What you need to do to become a leader? Chapter 4 - Planning and Organizing to become a leader Chapter 5 - Developing your oratory skills to become a leader Chapter 6 - Growing Yourself as a Leader Chapter 7 - How to grow leaders in your organization Chapter 8 - How to lead at the strategic level
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