Graphy | The Health Soul Kitchen by Riya Patel
Chef, Journalist and Digital Creator. I have been baking since the age of 7 and have loved all things sweet.But over the years, I've realized what damage sugar can do to our bodies and that got me to start exploring healthier substitutes and stay far way from all processed ingredients. A lot of people think if it's healthy, it's not going to be tasty and that's what I want my desserts to change. Baking the world a sweeter and healthier place to live in, one dessert at a time!
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The Health Soul Kitchen
The Health Soul Kitchen was born after a lot of my friends and family started getting health conscious and every time I would experiment they would feel hesitant to try because of the calories. Some had diabetes and as much as they wanted to have it, they had to watch their sugar intake and that’s when it got me thinking. Through this graphy, I will tell you the importance of healthy baking.We’ll start with getting familiar with the ingredients and alternatives that can be used to replace the usual processed flour, sugar and butter. And then move on to healthy sweet snacks, cakes, cookies, mousses, ice-creams, chocolate and finally some fancy dessert plating to wow your guests at the next dinner party. So come, jump onboard as my little whisk and I take you on this amazing healthy journey and trust me, you won’t regret eating desserts for the rest of your life. Let's bake the world a sweeter and healthier place, one dessert at a time together!
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