Graphy | The Connoisseur's Guide To Sleight Of Hand by Elisav Bizau
Master Sleight of Hand Creator. 15+ Years Experience in Art. A student for life.
The Connoisseur's Guide To Sleight Of Hand
In this graphy Elisav Bizau will guide you through the history and development of the most entertaining and mysterious art form out there: Sleight of Hand. This story, without a doubt, cannot be told without also diving deep into the world of Magic, Card Cheating,Cardistry and Card Throwing. The chapters are created as such that by the end of each and every one of them you will be thrilled to find out more and inspired to pick up sleight of hand yourself. This graphy takes you from the beginning all the way to a connoisseur of the craft and teaches you all there is to know about what sleight of hand is, where did it originate, how did it develop and how you can start doing sleight of hand yourself!
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