Graphy | The basics of modeling - Know your way in front of the camera by bloodyymascara
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The basics of modeling - Know your way in front of the camera
Modeling is an art. The supermodels you see in gorgeous magazine photos did not just sit in front of a camera and get lucky when the photographer took a picture of them. They worked WITH the photographer to create a masterpiece. It is a choreographed dance, and you need to hone your skills the best way you can. This graphy is all about how to present yourself out there keeping in mind the teeny tiny details like posture, expression, walk and much more!This is going to be a journey of grace in modeling. 1. Basics- an overview- talk about Confidence, Experience, mistakes & importance of Manners, Ethics. 2. Body-how to pose in front of a camera, hand gestures, foot postures, flexing of muscles, body part appropriation. 3. Makeup-a model must know how to do a base MakeUp. knowledge of makeup according to your face type, variation of makeup according to the time of the day. 4. Expressions- eye & eyebrow movements, why to have protrude lips, facial expressions, amount of teeth to be exposed, understanding face profile 5. Walk-basic walk, importance of keeping your back straight, amount of hand to swing, head ramp poses. 6. Final touches and You're ready!
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