Graphy | The Art of Self Discovery by Luna Zsigo
Luna Zsigo

Meet Luna Zsigo

My name is Luna Zsigo and I work as a freelance artist. I am studied in art and design and have runalmost 100 events over the past three years encouraging people of all ages to connect to their inner creative. I am also employed by the University for the Creative Arts Rochester as a Creative Workshop Tutor working with their Outreach Projects in schools, universities and colleges. I run a successful art group called Explore and Draw collaborating with Heritage sites, small businesses and other artists to create unique and exciting events. My biggest and latest commission was a twenty six foot mural at Rochester Corn Exchange in the UK.
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The Art of Self Discovery
In this Graphy artist Luna Zsigo will inspire you to get creative. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced artist 'The Art of Self Discovery' will teach you quick and easy ways to create unique and original artwork. Luna will demonstrate exciting and experimental ways to prep your paper along with a process called ‘Automatic Drawing’. The technique’s shown will allow you to tap into your unconscious mind and to explore your creativity from within.Join Luna on a journey of self-discovery and become the artist you were always meant to be!
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