Graphy | The Art of Oil Painting by Caleigh Bird
The Art of Oil Painting
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The Art of Oil Painting
In this Graphy, we will go over everything you need to know about oil painting, from what paints, brushes and supplies are best, to how to use them, and then ultimately how to create your own oil painting from life. We will even go over some basic skin tone mixes and how to clean up properly after oil painting. Don't let the solvents, mediums, and confusing lingo of oil painting scare you away from the amazing artwork that is possible with just a little bit of practice.I'm Caleigh Bird and I've been oil painting for over 15 years and have been teaching for almost ten. Together we will go over everything you need to know (plus a little extra!) to bring your oil painting visions to life. . Chapters: 1 Painting Setup 2 Brushes 3 Paints, Mediums + Thinners 4 Drawing Transfer + Toning Canvas 5 Mixing Colors + Tonal Values 6 Paint Application + Blending 7 Guided Painting 8 Extended Palette + Skin Tone Basics 9 Clean Up
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