Graphy | The Art of Making Natural Perfumes by Elzbieta Bruce
My journey towards Aromatherapy and perfumes started many years ago when I was a little girl,although I didn’t realize it then. I was always extremely interested in the healing benefits of plants and the scents of flowers. Studying all sorts of resources on how they can help us live a better life. However my excitement soon waned as many of the wonderfully exotic plants and herbs were just no available commercially and as a young girl I didn’t know how to find the. But my interest never dimmed, and I kept learning. Then as life took over I found myself on more of corporate path and less on the natural one. But eventually my calling whispered again and I got involved in perfumes. I then studied to become an accredited aromatherapist and started making blends for friends, family and the odd customer. The results were astounding, more and more I received word of what a profound difference the Aromatherapy treatments were having on the daily lives of people. It is then I decided to start putting into words and courses my knowledge of both perfumes and Essential Oils, which I now share with anyone who will listen.
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The Art of Making Natural Perfumes
Discover the amazing world of scents and perfume oils. Elzbieta takes you on a journey to understand the basics of perfume making at home. You will learn what the difference is between synthetic scents and natural perfumes, and the ingredients they're made from. Learn how to create your own fragrance blends and variants. Discover how you can extract oils from various plants and flowers using simple tools. Take a journey of creating a unique scent from idea through to the final product.The chapters are designed to cover each topic in-depth to make sure you understand each concept properly before moving on. It's perfect for anyone who is interested in discovering the beauty of natural perfumes, and who would like to learn to make their own unique scents. Purchasing this Graphy gives you access to the complete Graphy as well as any upcoming chapters. So get your nose ready and let's get blending!
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