Graphy | The Art of Jazz by Tizaan Alphonso
Tizaan Alphonso is a Jazz/RnB pianist, singer and composer based in Maastricht, Netherlands. Having been a classical pianist for 15 years before switching to Jazz,he was exposed to a wide array of artists, right from Chopin and Mozart to Chick Corea and McCoy Tyner. This truly sparked his curiosity to go explore his creative side; just eager to improvise and express himself through Jazz! However, to sum him up as a musician, if Robert Glasper and Herbie Hancock had a child together, that would definitely be this dude! Together with his band he has created his own unique sound, combining broken beats and RnB music with some nice sassy Jazz fusion kicks at the right spots. His music is a true reflection of who he is as a person; fun, energetic and honest. He loves connecting with his audience at every performance promising the ultimate grooving experience! Tizaan was fortunate to share the stage with many great artists like Sheila Jordan, Ack van Rooyen, Carlo Nardozza, Angelo Verploegen and Bex Burch. "Tizaan Alphonso showcases extraordinary experimental Jazz on his debut LP ‘'Feel It’" - Rolling Stone Magazine "Give in to the Natural Jazzy Groove of Tizaan Alphonso's, New Album 'Feel It' " - Buzz Music (USA) "Jazz - it suddenly felt young again!" - Dieter Mai Achievements/Gig History: Tizaan’s Sextet was featured on “NTR: Co Live!” which is a live radio show on National Dutch Radio channel "NPO Radio Soul & Jazz". His band was also showcased live on the local Dutch TV channel - RTV Parkstad. The biggest highlights of his career include playing at the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival 2019 with the Fringe Orchestra led by Jesse Passenier. He has performed all over Northern Europe including Nu of Nooit 2019 (Netherlands), Jammin' Juan Jazz Festvial 2019 (Antibes, France), Maastricht Jazz Awards 2019 (semi-final), Jazz Circle Viersen 2019 (Germany), Jazz in Mechelen (Belgium), Parkstad Limburg Theaters (Heerlen), Het Parcours (Maastricht) and many more.
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The Art of Jazz
Do you want to learn the Art of Jazz? Well then here’s your chance! The most unique and attractive thing about Jazz music is something called improvisation which is a way of expressing your emotion by playing a series of notes on your instrument freely! This Graphy is open to anyone who has the desire to learn and grow as a musician. We will start right from the basics like reading notes, basic rhythm, etc and gradually move on to advanced stuff like Swing feel, Jazz Chords, Improvisation,Ear Training, etc. But most importantly we’ll focus on sparking your inner creativity so that you can write your own music. The ultimate goal would be “CREATE YOUR OWN ARTISTIC IDENTITY & UNIQUE SOUND!” Sign up today and let’s help you become the best professional musician you can be!
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