Graphy | The Alchemy of Mandalas by Ambica Manepalli
My name is Ambica. I am a Textile Chemist by profession and an artist by passion! I am originally from Mumbai,India and currently based in California, USA. I love to experiment with new art mediums and styles! Apart from mandalas, I work on watercolors, fluid art, acrylics and soon learning resin art!
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The Alchemy of Mandalas
Drawing mandalas is a great way to meditate and relieve stress. In this graphy, Ambica will be introducing you to the alchemy of mandalas! Are you an amateur artist? No problem at all! This graphy will be beginners friendly! You will learn the significance of a mandala, basic materials required to draw a mandala, different types of a mandalas, how to construct a basic mandala grid, simple to intricate details and patterns, coloring techniques and lots of tips to draw gorgeous mandalas! So,grab your art supplies, buckle your seats and get started with your own creative journey!
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