Graphy | Snags on the Barbie - Backyard BBQ and Smoking with Soham. by Soham Bapat
Melbourne based Chef. Loves cooking on open fire and barbeque meats and fish. Likes to discuss anddebate about different ingredients and products which can be used in a sustainable way.
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Snags on the Barbie - Backyard BBQ and Smoking with Soham.
Hey fellas, I am a Melbourne based chef and have gained experience in barbequing and butchering since 4 years now. Barbequing and Smoking are very good skills to have and a handy tool to impress all your friends and family coming over for a meal or for a few beers. A good slow barbeque cook takes a lot of patience and passion for a very delicious and irresistible product at the end. Tune in to my Graphy and learn about various products of meat, fish,and various other ingredients cooked over coals by low and slow smoking and also on how to grill on high heat and cook it to perfection. I will also cover information on different kinds of wood that can be used for cooking which can be a perfect pair for the ingredient that you are going to cook in my chapters. Also, I will be showcasing local ingredients and speak about them to give more information on how those ingredients and products are sourced and the best way to cook them and pair with any sides or sauces. With this Graphy, you can take away a whole bunch of new set of skills on the basics of butchering and barbequing and a better understanding of ingredients.
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