Graphy | Singing from A to Z by Jimena Cabrera
Hi there! I’m Jimena Cabrera, a professional singer/songwriter and voice teacher from Argentina.I have so far released two albums as an independent artist: Fábula (2015) and Posdata (2018). I’ve been teaching both aspiring and professional singers for over 10 years. Here at Graphy, I’ve developed a course that will help you reach your full potential as a singer.
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Singing from A to Z
Would you like to learn to sing with ease and confidence? How about taking your performance to the next level? Through a comprehensive combination of practical exercises and insightful tips, this Graphy will take you from beginner level to singing like a pro. Each chapter will get you one step closer to gaining more control over your sound by tapping into the fundamentals of singing technique such as how to breathe, relax, extend your vocal range, interpret a song,and so much more. You will also be given sound advice on how to build a career as a singer: you will learn how to plan a gig, release an album, record at the studio, choose your repertoire, give an interview and overcome stage-fright, among many others! Are you ready to reach your full potential as a singer?
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