Graphy | Simplifying Sustainability by Aparna
I am a writer and my focus is on sustainability in travel and fashion. I write for a magazine andcreate content on Instagram.
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Simplifying Sustainability
In this Graphy, Aparna Sharma shall be sharing her journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. She breaks down the difference between genuine sustainability and greenwashing. As a writer on Climate Change and Sustainability, she shares mind-boggling data which urges the viewer to consider adopting a sustainable lifestyle. The chapters are broken down into various aspects of sustainability like food and fashion to give the reader a better idea of what sustainability is like as a lifestyle choice.Infinite material consumption in a finite world is not possible is the focal point of this graphy. The chapters give simple and easy solutions to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. This graphy aims to encourage the viewer to be more mindful about consuming limited resources. It's time to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, let's begin!
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