Graphy | Shak-R-Stir - A Guide to Cocktails and Mocktails by Ryan Marshall
Hospitality and bartending for 15+ years, I fell in love with the world of creating cocktails (and mocktails!)and mixology as well as building a positive and uplifting connection and experience in serving a delicious drink!
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Shak-R-Stir - A Guide to Cocktails and Mocktails
Hi there! In this Graphy you can look forward to not only a world of cocktails and mocktails but visually watch as I build them and bring them together in front of your eyes! As I build each cocktail (or mocktail) I will tell you each ingredient that goes within and a short explanation on the order (when applicable). We'll make old favorites, newer more modern drinks, and I'll show you some of my own personal creations! Let's make cocktails together to entice party guests, wow bar patrons,or enjoy at home sipping and relaxing! Welcome to Shak-R-Stir!
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