Graphy | Salsa Dancing with Salchata Dance Academy by Salchata Dance Academy
2 ultra passionate instructors that teach Salsa & Bachata in Toronto Canada! We have over 15 yearsof Salsa & Bachata dance experience and we focus on teaching Salsa & Bachata for socials and clubs.
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Salsa Dancing with Salchata Dance Academy
This Graphy focuses on how to dance Salsa for beginners, (linear On1 style). A Salsero on the dancefloor is raw, spontaneous, connecting with their partner and the music… join us as we teach the moves and concepts that will build up your understanding of Salsa dancing. From the History, to the Foundation Moves, Musicality, Lead/Follow technique,Body awareness and higher up we dive into Shines & Rumba variations… join us on this Salsa journey through 5 different chapters as we go from the basics to the crazy stuff! All brought to you by Salchata Dance Academy in Toronto, Canada.
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