Graphy | ReTOOL Your School! by Dee Dee Vicino
Dee Dee is a recovering Assistant Principal, a Certified Food Management Expert and Consultant,a Certified Corporate Trainer, a Certified Educational Trainer, and Co-Author of Voices of the 21st Century II . This 10 year Educational Professional, recipient of the Merit Award Program for 3 consecutive years, International Public Speaker now uses her training and expertise to inspire and educate thousands through informational and transformational seminars, presentations, and workshops.
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ReTOOL Your School!
This Graphy is for TEACHERS! Specifically, it is for teachers who are transitioning from their traditional classrooms to virtual classrooms. This Graphy can be used as a step-by-guide on how to teachers can create a virtual space that takes into account screen time and virtual classroom organization and gives action plans for how to engage students in a virtual environment as well as how to manage student behaviors virtually.The last two chapters help teachers deal with the stress and anxiety experienced by students and their parents and caregivers during this time of transition as well as a self-care for the teachers themselves. Are you ready to have some fun and restock your teacher toolkit with virtual tools? Let's GO!
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