Graphy | Point Blank by Kiran Shet
I am an Mechanical Engineer by profession but an artist by passion so through this graphy I wouldexplain the art form called pointillism which is very unique and easy to learn through my journey as I am not a trained artist . I learnt it myself so I know what difficulties you might face and I'll help you to overcome this difficulties because I've faced the same problem so you can easily relate to me. Learning this art form would make your art work unique from others , and you'll stand out.
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Point Blank
In this Graphy, I will explain the art form called Pointillism (Dot-work / Stippling) which is very unique and easy to learn through my journey. As I have learned it on my own and I am aware of the difficulties that you might face while learning this art form and I will help you to overcome these difficulties.Learning this art form will make your Art technique unique and it will help you and your art form stand out from others. This art form will also increase your patience level The highlight of this Graphy is that the tools required for them are easily available and are even cheap like basic drawing sheets and a black pen (ballpoint or gel nibs). I will also inform you about the various recommended tools for this Art, which you can use later on. To learn Pointillism from scratch, make sure to join my journey on this Graphy!
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