Graphy | Paper Quilling: The Art That Touches The Heart by Trupti More
Trupti More is a talented paper quilling artist. She has been an expert quiller for five years as it is showcased in the professionalism of her work.She is expert and her creations are very professional quality. Her work is appreciated in the community as she participates in many local craft shows and conducts quilling classes for kids and adults. Many are inspired by her and continue quilling after their classes.
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Paper Quilling: The Art That Touches The Heart
Paper Quilling is the art of rolling, shaping, gluing and making different things with simple looking colorful paper strips. With quilling you can make bookmarks, magnets, cards, ornaments, key chains, jewelry, multipurpose boxes, frames and lots of things. The sky is the limit. Quilling has some amazing benefits for kids as well as adults. It works on fine motor skills including coordination and strength. It is a great way to build hand-eye coordination. It also helps in reducing anxiety.Quilling is also relaxing and calming. You also don't need expensive material. In this Graphy you will learn basic shapes, basic scrolls, Malaysian petal, beehive technique, how to make jewelry, quilling comb techniques, 3D quilling and on edge quilling. Your Instructor Trupti More will be guiding you through all these steps. You can check all of Trupti's quilling work on Instagram @truptis_craft or on Facebook Trupti's Craft.
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