Graphy | Obese to Athlete: Finding Your Inner Giant by Laura Micetich
From obese at over 320 pounds to professional athlete, Laura Micetich, known to her followers as The Iron Giantess,is an LA-based athlete, all around badass, business owner, and content creator. After losing over 120 pounds and changing her life, Laura set out to build her own brand and share her story. Since, she’s created her own fitness coaching service, apprenticed under world renowned bodybuilding trainers, starred in Fox’s Ultimate Tag, become a Gold’s Gym ambassador, and amassed a loyal fanbase. She now inspires hundreds of thousands of followers across her social channels to “find their own giant” by taking control of their own stories.
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Obese to Athlete: Finding Your Inner Giant
After going from 320+lbs to professional athlete, Laura teaches you how to change your lifestyle, adopt a fitness program, implement healthy eating, and avoid the common mindset pitfalls of diet culture. Join Laura as she teaches you to take charge of your own life and live giant.
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