Graphy | Not Just Draphic Gesign - Design Thinking & Branding by Yohan Wadia
With a strong background in advertising in his family, Yohan is a Facebook certified creative strategist who grew up on a healthy creative dose of visual communication.He has over 13 years of both regional and international experience, having worked in Dubai with WaveMaker, ranked amongst the top 3 media agencies globally as a Senior Creative Designer. Yohan has worked on design from a very young age, developing communication concepts and designing creative illustrations not only for his family advertising business but also for renowned agencies and brands as well. Some of Yohan's work, such as the acclaimed 'Mumbai Series,' which comprised visual puns on some of Mumbai's landmarks, has been featured on national and international websites and publications. He is also the designer of the iconic 'Rum Dev' tee. He recently launched a 'Mumbai Series' of stickers on Instagram as well. His portfolio of clients includes KitKat, Cerelac, Philips, Michelin, American Garden, Caltex, Abu Dhabi Global Market, Dubai World Trade Center, Friesland Campina, Vodafone to name a few. His portfolio features work done in various streams of advertising and graphic design such as social media content, short-format videos, animated wedding invites, AR filters for Instagram, UI/UX Design, mobile game design, communication design, conceptualization and ideation, and merchandise design to name a few.
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Not Just Draphic Gesign - Design Thinking & Branding
The title of the Graphy is no typo! It caught your attention and brought you here and that is what design needs to do, stop your thumb when you're scrolling. In this Graphy you will learn to break thinking barriers which are the foundation of design that most courses and people overlook and will learn to create an awesome, striking & cool logo that catches your audience's attention. At the end of this Graphy,you would have learned the tricks to never experience a creative block again and you'd have learned the basics of designing your own logo and some interesting print and digital adaptations with the help of Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
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