Graphy | Native Australian Bushfood (Ants, Kangaroo, and MORE) by Sonia Patil
A Melbourne based professionally qualified chef, an alumni of Le Cordon Bleu and an Australia Awards Endeavour Scholar. I have gained significant industry experience at Attica (3 hatted restaurant,84th World's best) and Enter Via Laundry (regional Indian fine dining, Melbourne's most exclusive) cooked for industry leaders including; Matt Preston (a renowned food critic/Masterchef Australia), Jock Zonfrillo, Andy Allen, Mellissa Leong (Masterchef Australia judges), Ben Shewry, amongst others.
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Native Australian Bushfood (Ants, Kangaroo, and MORE)
Through this Graphy, I will be putting all the knowledge I have gained through working with Native Australian bushfood/bushtucker, which is indigenous food and ingredients that people of this land have been using for centuries. We will cover 50+ unique ingredients used in Australia, from Green Ants, to Fingerlime, from Kangaroo to Wallaby, from Marron to Sydney rock oysters, from Strawberry Gum to Mountain Pepper, from Emu to Witchetty Grubs, from Slippery Jack Mushrooms to Pine Mushrooms.Some of these ingredients are foraged from the wild, & I will tell you/show you how it's done in a safe & sustainable manner! I will tell you about what these ingredients are, where they are found, about their texture, flavour profile, & their numerous uses. I will demonstrate their use to you via a recipe, for each ingredient to help you understand them better. I will teach you tips & tricks that I use daily, in my career as a successful professional chef, that you can benefit from too. At the end of this Graphy, you will have an ocean of knowledge about the food habits & indigenous bushtucker of the land down under! Most of my earnings from this will go towards purchasing bushfood from native, Australian owned brands for my recipe videos that will feature in the following chapters, in order to give thanks to the natives for discovering these treasures from mother nature & continuing to protect, preserve & cultivate their identity & culture. Hit me up on IG (feed_the_hunger)
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