Graphy | Musically Shy by Aryaman Sethi
Singer/performer/Song writer/ composer Building my success story one note at a time. Master of 11instruments
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Musically Shy
In this Graphy, Aryaman shall help you draw out the differences between recording a song in a studio versus performing in front of a crowd. He hopes to be able to teach the art of performance to all those who suffer from anxiety, have stage fright, or are camera shy. According to him, stage presence and performance are like any other forms of art and therefore, it can be taught and practiced. The Chapters are carefully broken down into small bits of information.It will cover topics like personality development, small stages, and big stages, fashion, arrangements for the stage, case studies, and much more! This Graphy is meant for everyone, from beginners to advanced performers. Purchasing this Graphy will give you complete access to all the Chapters.
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