Graphy | Music Production 101 by Abhishek Raina
Singer, Song-Writer & Music Producer, Working in Delhi. 7 Years of Experience. More than 2 millionsSubscribers.
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Music Production 101
In this Graphy, Abhishek, a music producer and YouTuber shall be guiding you through the magical world of music production and beat making. He will go about topics like scales and chords, basics of music theory and electronic music production, pitching and vocal effects and much much more.Each Chapter is broken down to make understanding as easy as possible with examples and guidance to make sure you don’t just learn these skills but have the confidence and trust in yourself to go ahead on your own. This Graphy is for all 3 levels including beginners and advanced, but the main focus will be for those who are just wanting to venture into this regard. Purchasing this Graphy gives you access to all the chapters within!
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