Graphy | Music Lessons with Ankon (Bengali) by Ankon Chatterjee
I am Ankon Chatterjee, a professional Singer, a Radio artist and a YouTuber.
Music Lessons with Ankon (Bengali)
Music is beyond the boundary of nation, languages and religion. In india we can find more than hundred category of Music. There is Sufi, Classical, Baul, Rabindra Sangeet, Atulprasadi, Adhunik etc.. From this vast array of music It was Ankon Chatterjee's desire to accomplish mastery in Indian classical music, He wanted to learn it from the bottom of his heart. Rabindra Sangeet, Atulprasadi and Bangla folk songs .After more than fifteen years of learning under the guidance of renowned maestros of their respected fields, He now wants to share his experience with the budding practitioners of the genres who want to become accomplished singers of these skills of music. In this Graphy, Ankon will share his knowledge and his skills so that all the music enthusiasts can easily acquire his knowledge.
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