Graphy | Mojo Banjo Basics! by Jason Link
Mojo Banjo Basics!
I am a Freestyle Singin', Guitar Slinging', Banjo Pickin' Wildman that loves music and motivating!
Mojo Banjo Basics!
In this Graphy I am gonna teach you what I call the Mojo Banjo Basics. This Graphy will be loose and colorful and you can expect to come out of this learning some licks, tricks, and developing your own style. Below is a brief outline of this Graphy and I look forward to helping you get your Mojo on the Banjo Basics! 1. The Mojo of My Banjo Playing (My Story) 2. Learning The Parts of Your Banjo 3. How To Tune Your Banjo 4. A Brief History of Some of The Greatest Banjo Pickers 5.Right Handed Technique 6. Chords On The Banjo 7. Picking Patterns 8. Learning The Mojo Rolls 9. Rolling with The Chords 10. Finding Your Own Mojo on the Banjo
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