Graphy | Modern Calligraphy with Shivani - Unveil your inner artist by Shivani Manek
Modern Calligrapher, illustrator and a poet. I strongly believe that there is an artist in all of us and it is very important to unveil that artist.My mission is to inspire people to truly bring art in their lives, even if it's just a little bit.
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Modern Calligraphy with Shivani - Unveil your inner artist
This Graphy will cover the fundamentals of modern calligraphy and is suitable for rookies! You do not need to be an extraordinary artist or feel like you cannot be a calligrapher due to lack of 'printer like' handwriting. Anyone can learn it, as long as they truly want to. At the end of the Graphy, you can expect to address wedding invitations, holiday cards and so much more! Join Shivani to have some fun, meditate and earn the bragging rights of calling yourself a 'Calligrapher'!You can stalk Shivani on Instagram at @crossyourart, if you'd like to test the waters first! Trailer music credits to: youth by ikson music
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