Graphy | Mia's Mother Tongue "Korean" by Mia Jung
Mia's Mother Tongue "Korean"
#Mia Jung <Korean Language Teacher> - Born in 1997.11.25 South Korea - Majored Korean Literature &Chinese Language - Graduated Hanyang Erica University - Currently working as a Korean Education Contents Creator - Teaching Korean to more than 3,000 followers on Instagram - Instagram: @Mia_Korean
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Mia's Mother Tongue "Korean"
In this Graphy, Mia, is here to help you learn Korean in a very natural manner, just like a baby would learn his or her mother tongue. All you have to do is listen, copy and repeat after her as she breaks down basic words, pronunciation and meanings behind conversational words. Mia has a following of over 3k students who she helps understand Korean. With a major in Korean Literature and Language from Hanyang University, Korea, she is sure to be able help you get the best teaching in Korean.The chapters are created such that they are easy to follow as she breaks down hangul, pronounciation, communicative sentences and helps you take your first steps in the Korean language! Each chapter slowly progresses through beginners to advanced as you gain more confidence with her guidance. Join Mia now to begin your journey in learning the beautiful language of Korea!
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