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My name is Lucia Marecak, I am a food, photographer, educator & blogger at Healthy Goodies by Lucia.I was born in Slovakia, but currently I am based in Italy. I love creating beautiful dark and moody images, that tell a story and evoke emotions. I have also won a couple of international food photography awards. I provide a food photography education on my blog and I host food photography challenges on Instagram.
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Master Beautiful Food Photography
This Graphy will teach you how to create beautiful food photography images. Imagine yourself creating food photography images that you are proud of and you can confidently share on your social media or blog, knowing exactly how to work with your camera, how to choose the right props, how to manipulate light properly to create both bright or dark images, how to confidently compose your scene, or combine colors together to create a harmony, and how to edit your images in Lightroom.This is what you will learn in this Graphy. We will talk about all the foundations you should know about to start your Food Photography journey. In the chapters, we will discuss many things, such as the camera settings and lens, how to build your prop collection, how to work with light, and what tools to use to create different moods. I will show you different compositions and other techniques that help you compose your scene perfectly every time. I will explain the Color theory and how to combine colors together. I will show you how to edit images in Lightroom and we will also talk about how to find your unique photography style. You will have an assignment in each chapter, so you can put everything into practice immediately and gain new photography skills.
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