Graphy | Makeup with Mrs Ouch by Sushmita Dey
A pharmacist passionate about beauty and fashion.
Makeup with Mrs Ouch
I am a girl born bong of a bourgeois family in a small town of West Bengal. I am a pharmacist by degree but assist my dad in family business. Fashion have always tantalized me  and the various skincare and beauty products lined on the fancy shelves have always persuaded me and transformed me into every bit of a shopaholic. I have a penchant for embellishing (read stuffing ) my cabinets and wardrobes with them. There’s also a bit of Tinker bell in me who loves to create her own makeup supplies.Few of my attires and jewelry are also my brainchild. Besides, I have a predilection for blogging, clicking photos, meeting new and amazing people, socializing and talking over my latest discoveries from plethora of goods in the abysmal domestic market.
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