Graphy | Love for Biriyani (Odia) by Ankit Pradhan
Love for Biriyani (Odia)
I am a Software engineer, who is passionate about cooking. I have my YouTube channel Pradhan's Kitchen.Apart from my educational and professional background I am a freelancer and entertainer.
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Love for Biriyani (Odia)
Hi everyone. My Name is Ankit Pradhan and I am a Food blogger and Youtuber. In my Graphy, I’m going to share with you all the different varieties of Biriyani across India. The secret tactics of making wonderful Biriyani will be the main focus of this graphy. I have tasted almost all kinds of Biryani in India and visited several places to identify and innovative ways of making it. I will share all these recipes chapter wise so stay connected with my Graphy.
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