Graphy | Live your Dreams by Zerxes Wadia
For a living: Anchor, VJ, Motivational Speaker For a loving: Skydiver, Scuba Diver, Biker,Gamer Unboxing things is my thing!
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Live your Dreams
Live your dreams is a set of stories focused around passion points that I possess and how I went from being a guy with a regular desk job to jumping out of airplaines and unboxing sneakers for a living! Each chapter of this graphy will focus on one passion of mine and how these passions took root in my life to where I have reached with them! Chapter 1: Hello to the Digital Realm! Chapter 2: Look ma,I'm on TV! Chapter 3: Leaving off a Jetplane! Chapter 4: Soul Searching Chapter 5: Hoard what you love. Chapter 6: Let your dreams out!
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