Graphy | Levelling Up: Enhancing your Digital Art with Photoshop by Under Rock Art
Hello, my name is Ambrose, otherwise known as UnderRock Art. I'm a self taught artist who mostly specialises in abstract landscapes,portraits and the occasional digital painting. Whether you're a well experienced artist or just a beginner, I believe there is always something new to be learnt in art, it is a constant evolution of your abilities and styles. What I aim to teach you throughout my Graphy is how to enhance your current artwork, using specific brush types, filters, effects, gradients to show depth and more, all through Photoshop. So I hope that from choosing to learn from my Graphy, it will help you to take the next step in your artistic evolution and put you on the right track to success!
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Levelling Up: Enhancing your Digital Art with Photoshop
Hello all, in this Graphy I will show you how you can enhance your final digital illustrations in Photoshop by using the many tools at your disposal such as various brush types, filters,the use of gradients and effects. I will discuss these techniques over the course of five chapters: Chapter 1 : The Use of Gradients Chapter 2 : Highlights and details Chapter 3 : Texture and Grain Chapter 4 : Lighting effects and filters Chapter 5 : Bringing it all together I will be using my own art process as examples, however the techniques can be applied to many different styles. What I want to do is share what I know, in the hopes that you can take what I do and find ways to utilise it in your own art. I hope you will join me, lets get to work!
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