Graphy | Letters from my Anxiey by Julie Groveman PsyD
Dr. Julie is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. I help adults overcome a variety of challenges,including conquering fears, managing uncontrollable worry as I specialize in treating Anxiety. I've been trained in evidence-based approaches to therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness strategies. With compassion and focus, I enjoy empowering my clients to become a more confident version of themselves.
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Letters from my Anxiey
What if you could finally understand what’s beneath Anxiety, and why it sticks around? This is for you if you or someone you care about is struggling with Anxiety. This graphy chronicles Anxiety’s voice throughout my life as each chapter begins with a letter from Anni (Anxiety). I’m a licensed psychologist specializing in working with adults with a range of mental health concerns. Trained in effective evidence based treatment including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)and Mindfulness based approaches, I’ve treated countless adults who have struggled with various fears and anxiety symptoms. I’ve also personally coped with anxiety for the past 20 years. What you’ll learn: •Anxiety’s true intentions, the deeper message and purpose behind anxious thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physical sensations. •Hidden signs of Anxiety in the body •Why avoiding doesn’t work •How to spot the harsh inner critic and quiet it down! •What you’ll need in your Anxiety tool kit to help you live fearlessly. •How to deal with setbacks •The healing power of mindfulness and self-compassion
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