Graphy | Lettering & Painting with Watercolors by Shannon Layne
Hi there! I'm Shannon, a self taught Hand Lettering & Watercolor Artist from Barbados!
Lettering & Painting with Watercolors
Watercolors can seem a bit intimidating but in this Graphy I’ll share the basic techniques that will help you to create fun and expressive works of art with confidence! This Graphy is for anyone who wants to learn about watercolor lettering and watercolor painting. I’ll talk about the important stuff: different watercolor tools you can use, some of their pros and cons, different ways of adding paint your paper, how to choose and mix colors, lettering with watercolors,painting simple landscapes and more! Then you can paint and letter along with me using the techniques previously covered to create multiple different projects from loose abstract pieces and hand lettered quotes, to detailed watercolor landscapes! So let’s get started!
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