Graphy | Let's Talk by Anwesha Sen
Just a simple girl who fell in love with psychology and decided to make it her career.I am a double major psychology- sociology graduate from Sophia college for Women, Mumbai. I am also extremely fond of reading, writing articles and travelling around the world.
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Let's Talk
In this Graphy, Anwesha Sen shall be talking about the various contents of mental health varying from what mental health is as a concept, mental illness, self-love, positivity, and much more that falls under the bigger umbrella called Mental Health. The chapters shall be divided into various concepts with the aim to explain the same to the viewer in layman terms and easily put across concepts without the effort and pain of reading articles and going through lesson plans.Anwesha has explained the concepts with real-life examples to make it more relatable. With engaging quizzes and polls for an interactive experience, this graphy not only handles the topic of Mental Health in an interesting way but also provides you a way to deal with certain circumstances and situations in a better way. For you and for you to be able to help the people around you. Join her to be able to learn how to adjust and ease your pains.
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